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Carhartt FRB13DNM Flame Resistant Denim Dungaree

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Carhartt FRB13DNM Flame Resistant Denim Dungaree




Carhartt has been the working man and working woman's choice for a mighty long time. Our craftsmanship and attention to detail has been the standard in our industry. Trust the voice that's been around since 1889.


  • 11.75-ounce, 100% cotton FR denim
  • Sits slightly below the waist
  • Full seat and thighs
  • Arc-resistant button closure at waist
  • Straight leg opening
  • Multiple utility pockets




Carhartt FR products are flame-resistant for the useful life of the garment, provided recommended care instructions are followed.

Below are some facts related to flame-resistance and garment care:


FR garments can be home laundered - follow the care instructions on the label and the FR qualities will remain in the fabric for the useful life of the garment.


FR garments do not require special detergents, but detergent should not contain fabric softeners - the fabric softener doesn' t remove the FR treatment, but the fabric softener itself may coat the fiber and mask flame resistant performance. It may also serve as fuel in case of combustion.


FR fabrics do not have to be washed in specific temperatures, but temperatures provided on garment care labels are recommended to avoid excessive shrinkage. Temperatures in home laundries are fine for FR. In reality, temps can get too hot for FR garments and negatively affect the treatment, but that's not a factor in home laundering - home washers/dryers can't reach temperatures that high - industrial launderers are where you need to be careful of too much heat. So it's recommended to reference temperatures on garment care labels.


FR clothing does not have to be washed separately. The only reason someone would separate FR from regular clothing is to keep very dirty work clothes separate from the other clothes - the FR treatment has no negative impact on the other clothing


Don't use bleach - over time, bleach will break down the molecular bond between the fabric and the FR treatment


Don't use starch on FR garments because starch is a propellant


FR garments can be dry cleaned (as long as no starch is used) and ironed FR Denim garments are not recommended to be dry cleaned as the indigo dye in them can fade excessively from this cleaning method.


Don't use DEET on FR clothing - DEET is one of the most effective mosquito repellents on the market, but it should only be used on the skin, never on FR clothing. For the most effective mosquito and tick protection, use DEET based repellents on the skin (especially on exposed skin) and use a permethrin (the active ingredient in most lice shampoos) product washed into or applied to flame-resistant clothing. These products do not add any appreciable flammability to FR clothing and therefore do not affect its flame-resistant properties. When using permethrin in a spray form, use the WATER-BASED formulas only. Propellants are almost always flammable in this application, so the powder form washed into the clothing or the WATER-BASED spray formula is recommended.


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